"Winhop SeriesTM G.R.C. is a cement based decorative lining material for external walls and cladding.  It is the composition of selected grade cement mortar and reinforced with alkaline resistance fibreglass strand. "Winhop SeriesTMG.R.C. has a high compressive strength along with good tensile & bending properties, so it is absolutely suitable for external weathering environments.   G.R.C comes in natural cement grey, it is smooth and resilient, providing a durable surface ideal for all types of decoration finish, including spray paint and natural stone spray.


Range of G.R.C. Product
  • Elegant Cornices Mouldings
  • Enduring Centre Panels
  • Exotic Corbels
  • Roman Column Series
  • Sculptures & Urns
  • Grand Pediments
  • Balustrades and Piers
  • Special Made Features

* Easy to Mould
"Winhop Series"TM G.R.C. can be easily moulded into complex shapes but with improved surface detail and quality of finish.


* Reduced Weight & Easy to Install
The reduced product weight due to its shell-like end product, reduced the transportation and installation costs.


* Durable
"Winhop Series"TM G.R.C. is inert, thus creating no problem with expansion or contraction.  Besides, it has been tested by accredited laboratory to BS 6432 : 1984 with satisfied results and complied to the requirement of the HOKLAS.