Plasterglass is fire resistance decorative lining material for walls and ceilings. It consists of an unique combination of high grade gypsum plaster reinforced with hand laminated selected grade glass fibre.


Range of Plasterglass Product


* Fire Resistance
The test result of Non-combustible (Class "0" ) to BS 476 Part 4 1970 "Fire Test on Building Materials and Structures - Non-combustibility Test for Materials."fully complied to the" Code of Practice for Minimum Fire Service Installations and Equipment And Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Installations and Equipment." Plasterglass having the ultimate early fire hazard properties - SMOKE/ FUME EMISSION ,w hich is the prime cause of fatalities in a fire situation is asphyxiation by smoke inhalation. The safety qualities of Plasterglass make it the safest of all commonly used internal decorative lining materials available.


Fire Text Results

Specimen Ignitability Spreading of Flame Smoke Developed
9mm thick Plasterglass 0 0 0

* Durable Maintenance Free
Being purely inorganic substrate together with joints filled with adhesive compound to create a monolithic appearance, "Winhop Series" TM plasterglass is inert to expansion or contraction. It creates no problem by water leakage or high humudity conditions. Besides, "Winhop Series" TM plasterglass will not be attacked by vermin such as white ants because it is purely mineral, therefore, it is maintenance free.


* Surface Finish
The plasterglass finish is smooth and resilient, providing a durable surface ideal for all types of decoration finish, including paint and wall papers.


* Moisture Resistance
"Winhop Series"TM Plasterglass will not be affected by air moisture or even water leakage.  There is no need to replace even absorbed with water.  Moisture Resistance (M.R.) plasterglass is available for special requirements of external and external sheltered environment application.